University of Wisconsin


UW-La Crosse Master Plan and Implementation

“The quality of the plan has allowed us to . . . move forward with very significant facility improvements on campus.”

—Matt Lewis, Exec. Dir., Facilities Planning and Mgmt.


The University of Wisconsin–La Crosse was eager to grow, yet its land-locked urban campus left no room for expansion. SmithGroupJJR's master plan identified strategic infill development opportunities and targeted renovation to create a cohesive campus core surrounding a central mall and greenspace.

The plan creates an iconic, memorable central space to help brand the campus, and reorients transportation patterns to create a more pedestrian-oriented campus with more instinctive wayfinding. It also recommends new facilities to enhance the quality of the university’s academic and athletic programs.

The university has continued to seek SmithGroupJJR’s leadership on plan implementation. Recent projects include site and field design for a new stadium and athletic facilities that support student recreation and a range of revenue-generating sports events. The firm’s site design and engineering for a new LEED-Silver education building features innovative sustainable design elements, including stormwater facilities specially designed for the building’s tight urban site.