University of Wisconsin University Research Park


University Research Park 1 & 2

Madison, Wisconsin

600 acres (300 acres each phase), 242 hectares (121 hectares each phase)

Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Planning and Design

“Our long relationship is the result of SmithGroupJJR’s strong leadership, skill and experience developing our original master plan that has withstood the test of time.”

—Greg Hyer, Associate Director, University Research Park


SmithGroupJJR’s first, award-winning University Research Park (URP) drew praise for its open-prairie design, progressive stormwater management, and successful blend of research, manufacturing and commercial facilities. It also reached full capacity, and the firm was approached to master plan and design a second park – this time in a more urban setting. While the second research park is distinct in its design, it extends the successful brand identify established by URP1.

The challenge was to evoke a similar prairie-style feel with increased density and a mixed-use town center. URP2’s urban form provides a compact and sustainable development model. Its innovative stormwater management system doubles as a major restoration project for native landscape, emphasizing more natural detention and infiltration swales. The on-site detention is designed to allow for treatment of stormwater on a regional basis. Like URP1, URP2 also features a pedestrian/bicycle trail system linking to the rest of the community and a regional trail network.