City of Sheboygan


South Pier District Redevelopment

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

42 acres, 17 hectares

Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Planning and Design

Honor Award -- Resort/Residential Design

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Communities can often lose publicly accessible waterfront to resorts and other private development. Sheboygan's South Pier District shows how communities can leverage the tourism potential of private resorts while retaining full public waterfront access.

A brownfield site next to Sheboygan's downtown, South Pier represented the city's last significant piece of undeveloped land on Lake Michigan. SmithGroupJJR created a public/private redevelopment master plan for this key waterfront site, then designed Phase 1 improvements. A resort—with hotel, conference center, indoor water park, restaurants and rental condominiums— now serves as anchor for the $54-million redevelopment. The design seamlessly integrates public access through trails, beaches, an eco-park and a riverfront retail area.

The result eliminates even the slightest reference to exclusive use while restoring new life to a formerly degraded waterfront. By all counts, South Pier's redevelopment has taken a community liability and turned it into a significant environmental, economic and cultural asset.