Vanguard City Homes


Safari Drive


This resort-like development has created a dynamic mixed-use residential community in the heart of downtown Scottsdale. Set on the former site of the iconic Safari Hotel, SmithGroupJJR’s site design celebrates the spectacular mountain views and verdant desert landscape of Arizona. Patios connect to larger gathering areas around a series of pools, a yoga lawn, and several outdoor fireplaces.
The design also provides direct access to a walkway along the Arizona Canal, an important touchstone preserved from the earliest stages of design.

The design emphasizes sustainability by using regional, low water-use plants and permeable hardscape materials, including stabilized decomposed granite and concrete pavers. All parking is accommodated underground, making the majority of the project site an intensive green roof over the structure below. Careful coordination during the design process allowed for special features such as the pools and planting areas to be properly integrated with the underlying garage structure and to blend seamlessly into the overall development.

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