Saint John's Health Center


Replacement Hospital

“... the new hospital provides fast, efficient patient flow and access in a uniquely comfortable, reassuring atmosphere.”

—Breakthroughs, the Magazine of Saint John's Health Center


With its sweeping, bright-white image and innovative layouts, this replacement hospital by SmithGroupJJR and HOK projects an image in keeping with its excellent reputation. Yet within its walls are a range of innovations that make Saint Johns unique in acute and critical care delivery.

First, it is one of only three hospitals in Los Angeles County designed to stay operational following an earthquake of 6.7 magnitude or greater, thanks to a state-of-the-art base isolation system. Hidden behind these sturdy walls is an advanced wireless network that supports both medical diagnostics and energy control.

Inside, nursing floors are designed to optimize staff access to patients, with gently curved corridors punctuated by open-plan nurse stations. Patient areas feature warm, natural materials and custom carpeting to reduce noise.

In all, the new pavilion and diagnostic & treatment building house new women’s health services, the Maria Shriver Nursery and Level IIIA neonatal ICU, emergency care, and a cancer center, with 236 private beds.

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