Kaiser Permanente


Kaiser Permanente Template Hospital

“The idea was to design a whole new way of going about design... The templated hospital is not a static model, but rather one that is continuously being adjusted and improved.”

—John P. Kouletsis, AIA, Director, Strategy, Planning, & Design


Growth in healthcare continues to outpace every other market, driving companies like Kaiser to launch a robust expansion to serve the needs of its growing membership. But faced with the need to develop 20 new or replacement hospitals in just 10 years, the healthcare giant needed a new approach to this challenge. SmithGroupJJR, working with Stantec and Kaiser strategists, devised a pioneering design solution for the Kaiser Template Hospital. The template can be applied to multiple hospital projects, identical in planning concept yet fully adaptable to different locations, helping usher the projects through demanding regulatory processes.

The Template dramatically reduces development time and cost. As proof, the first three hospitals were designed and built simultaneously, on time and under budget. Template facilities—ranging in size from 340,000–430,000 square feet and 174–270 beds, and including an ambulatory surgery center and medical offices—outline the most effective structural and building systems, planning concepts, equipment, furnishings, and even construction methods.

More than that, the uniform design helps the system adapt to changing technology and new best practices, continuously improving patient care.

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