University of California, San Francisco


Genentech Hall

“I don't think it's too much to say that this could make UCSF a household word when it comes to scientific research.”

—Charles Craik, Ph.D.


The client's long-range goal for its Mission Bay campus was nothing short of transformation into a hub of cutting-edge medical research - and the first step was Genentech Hall. The advanced research facility would attract top scientific talent in an area not known for it. And it would sustain the momentum by encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration among its various labs and by facilitating outreach to the campus as a whole.

SmithGroupJJR's design delivered on the vision. The multidisciplinary biomedical research facility includes laboratories and faculty offices for an array of disciplines within the university's School of Medicine, all accessed through a modern and dramatic atrium. Inside is a large BSL-3 suite; an imaging suite with electron microscopy, mass spectroscopy and several large bore MRI; a 263-seat auditorium; a full café; and a new central utility plant.

When constructed, Genentech Hall had one of the best building efficiency ratios in the country. Perhaps most important, the space feels elegant and collegial, making it a campus cornerstone, with a forward-thinking design that gives users the utmost flexibility for their work.

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