Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency


Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s Forensic Identification Laboratory


Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s (DPAA) mission—achieving the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing as a result of past U.S. conflicts—demands efficiency and productivity. Yet these qualities were challenged by the specialized military unit's dispersed operations, housed in three separate Oahu installations.

SmithGroupJJR's design for the new, consolidated home brings it all together under one roof, an architectural celebration of the unit's unique function and mission.

State-of-the-art investigation laboratories are set within a highly sustainable working environment for staff, with soothing private spaces for grieving families. DPAA's home also represents the world's largest forensic anthropology laboratory with 70 tables for the layout and examination of skeletal remains from American military personnel lost in action as far back as World War II. Other laboratory spaces include the Central Identification Lab (CIL), support investigation lab, DNA lab and a complete forensic medicine facility. It is all contained in a LEED Gold structure, replete with photovoltaic systems, which make ample use of its lush tropical setting to reduce energy consumption.

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