David Nassif Associates


Constitution Center Building Redevelopment


Following a three-month design competition, SmithGroupJJR was selected to deliver this building owner's goals: reposition 1970s property into the largest, most secure 21st-century workplace in the nation's capital, while achieving a highly sustainable design.

A careful balance of aesthetic approaches and technical requirements resulted in a flexible, open workplace that can accommodate 5,000 employees. Chilled beams, as the primary terminal device in the HVAC system, generate a 22% energy cost savings by eliminating for most of the year the need to run the 4,800-ton chiller plant. A one-acre garden courtyard that welcomes tenants and guests happens also to be a green roof, topping a basement garage space for 1,500 vehicles.

The decision to adapt and reuse the original concrete frame may have been the most important decision, representing not only a $60 million savings in project cost, but also a tighter construction schedule and smaller waste stream. And of the 25,000 tons of waste from the project, 75% was diverted from landfills.

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