U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


Collections and Conservation Center

Undisclosed Location

100,000 gsf 8,268 m2

Architecture, Engineering


The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum engaged SmithGroupJJR to design the David and Fela Shapell Family Collections and Conservation Center to preserve its growing collection of Holocaust-related artifacts. The facility needed to be safe and secure, yet also provide a comfortable, convenient and efficient work environment for its staff.

SmithGroupJJR’s design provides ample security for the museum’s vast collection, with an enhanced structure designed to mitigate damage risk from a wide range of external threats. The robust roof assembly manages runoff with zero drains over collections spaces, and sends storm water to on-site rain gardens for treatment and infiltration. State-of-the art environmental control systems, with high levels of redundancy and energy-saving features, provide stable archival conditions. For its occupants, the highly efficient building envelope maximizes beneficial natural working light and views to nature, while presenting more neutral facades to adjoining properties. The facility is designed for easy expansion, ensuring that the museum’s collections and staff will be protected for decades to come.

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