National Institute of Standards and Technology


Building One Renovation


Constructed in the 1950s from cast-in-place concrete, Building One ably served for decades as the main laboratory facility for NIST Boulder, housing staff and equipment tasked with performing arduous research and measurements. Unfortunately, as technology advanced and the building aged, the gap had significantly widened between the structure's ability to maintain a stable interior environment and the requirements for control of those conditions.

SmithGroupJJR is spearheading renovations of Building One, delivering a stable environment capable of housing demanding and sensitive research and measurements using highly advanced technologies, such as the leading quantum-computing research programs, the most accurate atomic clocks, and unique superconducting devices. The renovation, for example, will stabilize vibration control within the existing structure, provide state of the art mechanical and electrical systems, and wrap the building in a high performance energy efficient envelope.

A necessity for NIST's continued long-term support of US industrial competitiveness in the world market, the renovation programmed by SmithGroupJJR attempts to set a high bar for tech workplaces of the future.