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Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

“It is an outstanding structure that should receive appropriate recognition in architectural circles.”

—Arnold O. Beckman


Upon its completion in 1989, the Beckman Institute was one of the first facilities in the country devoted to advancing research through collaboration and interdisciplinary science. Years later, R&D Magazine, which bestowed the coveted Lab of the Year award upon this project, continues to recognize it as one of the most prolific and prescient interdisciplinary research labs in the country.

Constituents founded the project on the idea that reducing the barriers between traditional scientific and technological disciplines would lead to far more—and far more profound—research advances than would any conventional research facilities. This is backed by the more than $35M annually of direct research funding for current programs.

The Beckman Institute bears out the premise and continues to be a leading force—and is as beautiful today as the day it opened. Its handsome exteriors of limestone, brick, and green glass houses labs for more than 600 researchers exploring complex technologies, in biological intelligence, molecular nanostructures, and integrated imaging, among many more areas of study.

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