Arizona Biomedical Collaborative


Arizona Biomedical Collaborative - Building #1

“Research and technology changes overnight. We designed with a level of flexibility so this building can remain functionally viable for the next 50 years.”

—Mark Kranz


The "collaborative" referred to in this project's name is a groundbreaking partnership between the University of Arizona and Arizona State University. SmithGroupJJR's dual mission was first to provide world-class biomedical research facilities, and second, to foster the working partnership between these rival institutions.

These design approaches used encourage informal interaction, teamwork, collaboration and, ultimately, innovation. Bright, airy offices, breakrooms and interaction spaces supplement and knit together cutting-edge laboratories equipped with flexible casework systems. Interactive technologies such as the med-presence suite and teleconferencing facilities are incorporated with the same goal of team-building in mind, but extending the possibilities beyond physical space.

The new facility leverages what is unique about each universities' own biomedical and science programs, fusing them in an innovative research campus serving metropolitan Phoenix, which once lacked an academic research hospital or medical school entirely The campus now boasts these as well as a strikingly modern face of research.