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The thin line where land meets water represents one of the most valuable resources in the world. Prized for their beauty, their ecological importance and their economic impact, waterfronts present tremendous opportunity for development. Because design along the water’s edge has a major ripple effect on a community’s quality of life, there is a tremendous responsibility to do it correctly. This demands an engineer's skill, a scientist's knowledge, an economist's pragmatism and an artist's touch.

SmithGroupJJR is uniquely qualified to deliver on all fronts. We offer decades of experience and innovation working in the complex environments of rivers, lakes and oceans. We tailor an integrated team for each project, comprising coastal

engineers, planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, ecologists and biologists. We work closely with our clients, eager to address the vexing challenges inherent in waterfront work. Our teams know better than anyone in the industry how to move a project from concept to completion. From harbors, parks and resorts to beaches, bluffs and promenades, we can help you navigate through a maze of permits and funding sources while mitigating the natural forces of waves, floods and currents.

It is a committed, collaborative partnership that is both pragmatic and visionary. What happens at the water's edge may be grounded in science and engineering—yet its solutions can be inspiring, inviting, and as timeless as the waves.

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When you work with SmithGroupJJR, you become an integral part of the creative team because you bring insights that make your project distinctly yours. We listen and we hear. It’s where great design begins. To learn more contact us.

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Jason Stangland

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