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No one can predict the future of science, but we can presume it will continue its remarkable pace of discovery. Well-designed research facilities—both laboratory and office—play an integral role in scientific advancement—fostering innovation, encouraging collaboration, enhancing performance.

SmithGroupJJR leads the industry with proactive approaches to new and renovated facility design. Through initiatives like our Lab 2030 survey and valuable insights from our Science and Technology Advisory Board, we examine emerging trends and establish new metrics for what laboratory environments can accomplish. We create more effective spaces, increasing productivity and trans-disciplinary collaboration. Our labs are efficient —reducing

energy consumption with pioneering renewable strategies and often consolidating actual space with smarter, more functional planning. We help clients optimize science output not just today, not just tomorrow, but 10 or 20 years ahead.

Our portfolio stands as evidence. It includes some of the world’s most technologically sophisticated research institutions, from  “advanced-science” facilities to preeminent engineering labs like the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building at University of Illinois, which was recently named R&D Magazine's 2016 Laboratory of the Year. As our clients expand the boundaries of discovery, we eagerly push the envelope right along with them.

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