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Designing for today’s healthcare environment demands a deep knowledge in a structure that, like the human body itself, functions as a complex and comprehensive system. Healthcare performs best when it can flow freely—an efficient, sophisticated machine pulsing along at a steady, optimal pace.

SmithGroupJJR understands this better than most. We have been part of the evolution of healthcare delivery for more than eight decades, designing everything from cost-effective community clinics to some of the world’s most technically advanced hospitals and specialty facilities.

We understand the need to minimize costs while maximizing outcomes. We bring an insider’s problem-solving perspective that comes only from hours logged on a nursing unit or inside a surgical suite.

Now, as healthcare becomes increasingly integrated, our broad expertise can foster this more holistic approach. New designs will rethink how and where care is delivered, focusing on collaborative solutions that improve quality, efficiency and the patient/family experience. Our firm was built on multiple disciplines working together. Finding flow comes naturally.

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When you work with SmithGroupJJR, you become an integral part of the creative team because you bring insights that make your project distinctly yours. We listen and we hear. It's where great design begins. To learn more contact us.

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