Margaret Boshek


"There is always more to learn and occasionally you find those lessons in the least expected places."

Margaret’s love of travel and water has taken her around the globe, personally and professionally. As a coastal engineer, she has lived, studied and worked in Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, and Canada as well as the U.S. – building an international portfolio of waterfront design projects. Thanks to her frequent work on large-scale marine infrastructure projects, she is proud of literally leaving her mark on the world.  “Some of our larger projects can be seen from space,” she marvels. “I get a kick out of zooming into them on GoogleEarth.” Not satisfied with having to use the internet, she recently earned her private pilot’s license, providing her with a whole new vantage point to admire her work.

Civil Engineering, Waterfront/Coastal Engineering

Professional Credentials
Professional Engineer (PE)

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