Jack Cox


"The resort and marina development in Cyprus is the culmination of all my years of experience, blending all aspects of engineering, environmental science and architecture."

From his early school days, Jack says, "I was fascinated with ships and things that move through the water. Now I just work on where those boats park." That's a pretty modest description for one of the country's leading experts in engineering for the marine environment. Jack's resume includes marina projects all over the world, and he is internationally recognized for his skills in coastal dynamics, arctic processes, harbor tranquility, dredge material disposal, shore protection, port planning and marina design. He has authored more than 40 technical publications and is the principal author of the "Breakwaters and Entrance Design" chapter of the ASCE Manual 50 Planning and Design Guideline for Small Craft Harbors. Jack is also a talented musician. "I was expected to follow that career path," he says, "but today I find more joy being the director and letting someone else be the performer." At SmithGroupJJR, we're always happy to pass him the baton.

Civil Engineering, Coastal Modeling, Resort Planning & Design, Small Craft Harbors, Waterfront Planning & Development, Waterfront/Coastal Engineering

Professional Credentials
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Professional Engineer (PE)

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