Doug Dahlkemper


"Architecture is a creative and dynamic profession. It continues to challenge every aspect of what I think it is."

There’s little doubt architecture is the right professional fit for Doug. “Architecture is a creative and dynamic profession,” he enthuses. “It continues to challenge every aspect of what I think it is.” But what did surprise Doug was how much he enjoys the environment of a larger firm like SmithGroupJJR, in comparison with the small design shops where he began his career. “There are opportunities here to see a broader range of practice and to contribute to a larger discussion,” he says. “I truly believe in the power of collaboration, working with a connected and engaged team that challenges one other.” Doug has an artist’s eye. He’s a believer in the “exceptional value of design,” and while he can't imagine pursuing a profession other than architecture, he muses that it might be fun to run an art gallery someday after he retires. If given a week to go anywhere in the world, “I would like to go somewhere very remote and untouched by civilization,” Doug says, “so I could understand what the world was like before we got here.”

Design Leader

Professional Credentials
American Institute of Architects (AIA), LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)

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Community Involvement

Doug is an advocate of advancing the educational experiences of architecture students. He has been invited by Catholic University of America to serve as a guest juror, and offers valuable input to third and fourth year design studio students. He has also been asked to provide architecture reviews to students at University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University in St. Louis. In addition, he volunteers at Catholic University of America, working with members of its Comprehensive Building Design Studio.