Anne Belleau-Mills


"When the projects I work on change the way people look at buildings and the role these buildings play in some of life’s biggest moments… that is when I feel successful."

As Studio Co-Leader for Health for SmithGroupJJR’s Detroit office, Anne has led large teams of architects, engineers and consultants on several high-profile, multi-million-dollar healthcare facilities. Along with her architectural experience, Anne has developed an expertise in the behavioral effects of the physical environment—how it can affect both patient care and employee satisfaction. “These buildings play a role in how we view healthcare and healthcare delivery, and that can be very powerful,” she explains. “It is about dignity, respect and celebration.” Challenges energize Anne, whether she’s working on a complex medical facility or participating in a tennis match. “I enjoy being able to hold my own against someone more powerful or more skilled,” she says of her game. “I’m as much of a problem-solver and strategist on the court as in the office.”  

Ambulatory/Outpatient Care, Studio Leader, Healthcare Renovation, Large Hospital Delivery

Professional Credentials
American Institute of Architects (AIA)

P 313.442.8218
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Community Involvement

Every year, Anne and her two daughters help out with “We Care,” a collaboration of Boys & Girls Clubs of America and design and industry firms that helps young children make holiday gifts for their family and friends.   

Community Involvement