Rather than wallowing in resumes and a mindless job this summer, you can be building bona-fide credentials with SmithGroup. Our three-month summer internship program is the real deal: You will be immersed in your chosen field, working side-by-side with professionals on a project team that may include fieldwork, client meetings, planning, design and construction. In other words, a far cry from the House o’ Burgers.  

We expect a lot from you, in the form of creativity, problem-solving skills, work ethic and professional behavior. But we can assure you that you’ll gain even more in return—real-world knowledge, on-the-job skills, invaluable professional contacts, maybe even a lifelong mentor or two. And trust us, that experience combined with a solid education makes you one desirable graduate indeed.

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Got more talent and energy than you know what to do with? We know what to do with it.

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Electrical Engineering Intern
Boston, MA
The Boston office of SmithGroup is currently accepting applications for an Electrical Engineering Intern for the summer of 2018.
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