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SmithGroupJJR: This is How We Roll

Work That Inspires.

Our mission is to create a legacy of inspiring places that enhance the environment and enrich the human experience. That, in a nutshell, is the core purpose of SmithGroupJJR. We work together to create well-thought, well-crafted places that artfully balance beauty with function.

We do so while treating our clients, our coworkers and our communities with the utmost respect. That means we listen. It means we collaborate eagerly—with our clients, with our consultants and with one

another. It means we seek the most sustainable solutions possible, and never stop looking for more. It means we are a firm that brings integrity, talent and hard work to everything we do.

We are bold innovators and passionate designers of extraordinary places. That's the SmithGroupJJR vision. It's a focus on excellence—to set the bar high, to push ourselves, to deliver the unexpected, to surpass our clients' expectations. And we do it with tenacity and enthusiasm.

Looking Back

An Upstart Firm for 160 Years.
What a legacy we have in our name. Sheldon Smith, born in 1818 and enamored with architecture, sensed opportunity in the newly formed states and growing territories. Smith migrated from New York to Detroit, a Great Lakes port city that bustled with industry and new wealth, to pursue his vocation.

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Giving Back

When your career is about making the world a better place, it’s a pretty natural leap to better your own backyard, too. SmithGroupJJR is committed to improving our communities whether through our work, our resources or our time. It’s listed right in our core values—“We have an obligation to contribute to our communities”—and it’s something every employee here learns on day one.

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When you work with SmithGroup, you become an integral part of the creative team, because you bring insights that make your project distinctly yours. We listen, and we hear. It's where great architecture begins. To learn more about our process contact us.

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