Virtual Perspectives: The Value of Mock-Ups


Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, OR Mock-Up

Design Topic

It can be very challenging for a non-architect to be able to understand a space in two dimensional plans. In addition to working drawings, we’ve now become accustomed to using 3D modeling and rendering to show the design intent of the building and certain spaces such as exam rooms. This approach has drastically changed the dynamic of user group meetings; however, sense of scale and function is still a challenge when it comes to our clients’ ability to fully understand if the design of a space really works. And it is absolutely critical that a clinical space function well for staff and patients.

A very effective way to address this is through the use of a mock-up: a full-scale

representation of a certain portion or component of the design, which will typically be replicated multiple times throughout a project. Full-scale mock-ups (of varying degrees) allow clinical and support staff to simulate different patient care scenarios, making sure that the design provides an adequate and functional space to perform their tasks while providing a healing environment for patients.

No matter which approach you take, mock-ups can be a highly effective tool to gain consensus and insight into not only the design process but in the healthcare delivery process. The value of physically engaging with a space before it’s built can uncover powerful connections.bvg

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