Sustainable, Secure Reconstruction


Security factors in high-performance reconstruction projects.

Design Topic

Reconstruction and modernization of older and often historically significant buildings present many opportunities-and likewise obstacles-during the redesign process. Building and design teams that intend to achieve high-performance outcomes during major renovations need to consider more than just sustainable requirements of these projects. They also address security concerns. This is especially true with government facilities, high profile office buildings, and special venues, such as national museums, theaters and sporting venues.

The key is to identify solutions where security and sustainability requirements strengthen each other or utilize the same design

elements to accomplish both goals. In designing for high security, the two biggest challenges are blast protection and safeguards against chemical, biological, or radiation (CBR) threats. Several aspects of these challenges limit the design's ability to achieve either the security or sustainable goals desired. However, there are a number of strategies that exist to help these sometimes competing goals reinforce or complement each other.

Read more in the full article by Martin Denholm, featuring strategies to make security both high performing and aesthetically pleasing. After all, security should be balanced with a warm and inviting public image.