Optimizing Healthcare with Templating


Design Topic

What if, every time you had to build a hospital, ambulatory care center or medical office building (MOB), you didn't have to design it from scratch? As health providers look for faster, more cost-effective ways to design, build and operate advanced facilities, many hospitals and health systems worldwide are turning to prototypical, or template, design.

Templating is an iterative design approach to facility development. It is as much a tactical response to the challenges of delivering healthcare today as it is a model of how to design for an industry that is experiencing significant uncertainty and rapid evolution. Developed and adopted as standard planning guides, templates allow owners to build multiple facilities

that are identical in planning concept yet adaptable to different locations, provide a universal standard of care and dramatically reduce the time and costs of design and construction.

Templating allows owners to start at a much higher benchmark. Given the potential for a template to impact many departments or buildings, these owners are investing more time to develop and base their design decisions on best practices. The result: a standardized design that optimizes life-cycle and operating efficiencies of an entire building, responds to the changing needs of patients and developments in medical technology and practice, and ensures consistency in design and construction of new and renovated healthcare facilities.

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