Creating AMC Linkages


Strategies for linking research, education, hospitals, and industry partners

Design Topic

Academic medical centers are meeting the demand for enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration by employing strategies to create a synergy between research scientists, clinicians, physicians, and medical educators. Traditionally, academic medical centers have attempted to link relative disciplines by being affiliated with local hospitals; operating a school of medicine, nursing, or allied health; conducting clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and medical devices; or developing alliances for joint funding to attract top researchers and clinicians.

Creating partnerships with companies is one way for health science centers to connect all aspects of the biomedical continuum, ranging from research and education to hospitals and industry. Such connections are vital to the effective integration of biomedical research, medical

education, and patient care services.

Emerging linkages are also being forged in several capacities. For example, seeking global partners for research collaboration and data analysis; developing clinical outreach programs for teaching and conducting research at rural hospitals; using high-capacity computer networks to facilitate image transfer; and taking advantage of regional tissue banks for clinical research, especially at rural hospitals. These linkages are a vital part of the community by creating jobs and overall economic impact and growth, and are operating integrated facilities for research, teaching, and clinical trials.

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